Atitlan Hotel

Atitlan Hotel

The finca was purchased in 1926 by Moisés and Blanca Rivera who then began their family business in coffee cultivation.  In 1970, Arturo inherited the land from his parents and he, along with his wife Susan, built the Hotel Atitlán.  The first wing consisting of the entrance, bar, restaurant and 14 rooms was completed in December of 1971.  The second wing of 29 rooms was completed in 1974 and the last addition of 22 rooms in 1992.

In total, there are 60 rooms, each individually decorated by family members with it’s own private balcony and breathtaking views.

Each room has a unique personality that is reflected in the decor of hand-woven fabrics and hand-crafted furniture, paintings and other decorations from the many indigenous villages in the region. The floors are made of traditional tile and covered by area-rugs that are also hand-made.

As the hotel was being constructed, an on-site wood and metal shop was built to provide not only the structural elements for the building exterior, but also individual furnishings for each room. This shop is still in use and complements sources from around the region to supply the highest-quality elements appropriate to each dwelling.

In a similar manner, high-quality threads were imported and provided to Mayan weavers in many villages, who then used traditional looms to produce the best fabrics possible for bed coverings, drapes and throw pillows, customized to echo the ambiance of the lake, the gardens and colorful tropical birds that live in the trees on the hotel grounds and on the surrounding hillside.

Modern conveniences of high-quality sheets, non-allergenic pillows and blankets and “goose-down” comforters were brought in to make the overnight stay as pleasant as possible. Additional conveniences of in-room phones, cable television and Internet access complement the experience.

Each bathroom boasts ceramic tile floors and marble walls. Hand-crafted frames were customized for the large mirrors and lend a noticeable blend of old and new to the well-lighted vanity. They are supplied with large, cotton-pile towels and customized soaps, shampoos and conditioners.